Regional Latin Forum for Region VI of the Florida Junior Classical League

Date: Saturday, February 4, 2012

Location: Winter Springs High School

Program Inside (General Schedule)

Program Outside

Information about the Creative and Performance contests
If you have questions about the Creative and Performance categories (or anything else forum related, for that matter), e-mail Daniel Robie, JCL and Latin Club sponsor at Winter Springs High School, at

Information about the Academic contests

Florida Junior Classical League
I don't know WHAT the National Junior Classical League website judges were thinking, because at this summer's NJCL convention, the Florida site only took second place for state websites! On this site, you will find the all-important Regional Latin Forum Academic Study Guides. Fully 50% of the questions on any of the academic tests will come from these study guides. The are a sine qua non to a stellar performance at Regionals. The site also has State Latin Forum and Regional Latin Forum tests and certamen (quiz bowl) questions dating back three decades. You will not lack for practice materials on this site! Visit it early and often.

This is the official list of categories and rules for the 2012 Region VI Regional Latin Forum.

If your sponsor wants you to register electronically, please click here for the registration form.